A Fresh Take on Mullions at the Amvest HQ

The mullions on the facade of the Amvest headquarters in the new Cruquius development in Amsterdam are made of solid steel, not aluminum as is standard practice. Why? Because the floor of the second level is suspended from the facade! Not an easy feat. Harm Hoorn, the chief structural engineer at Zonneveld, must have had a few sleepless nights. But with his help, it's an elegant engineering solution for an open plan design. #Amvest #Cruquius #ZonneveldIngenieurs 


Kudos from de Brug’s Van Erven Dorens for our new Cruquius buildings

Van Erven Dorens says the building expresses our distinctive design approach: “I now read this slogan of Rietveld Architects: RETHINKING MODERN LIFE: FROM THE ESSENTIAL TO THE EXUBERANT. The essential is referring to Rietveld’s history as a classic modernist/humanist while working for Hertzberger. The exuberant is referring to the postmodern style of the international jet set. The architect is interacting with both worlds. This is visible if you look at the design of the headquarters of Amvest. The shape of the building is formed by functional principles: the idea to let the building literally reach into the harbor to express the symbolic meaning of a harbor building. At the same time, the quay below the building should not be blocked. The floating part of the building is double-height and serves as a working space, lobby and living room. One big lounge, with an exuberant and stylish interior that is surprising to see in an office building.”

de burg

Wintry memories on an early summer day

Just heard that Ai Weiwei will have THREE exhibitions in LA this fall! One of the few truly warm moments of this past winter was meeting Weiwei at the Rainbow Room during a fundraiser for the Israel Museum. Thank you, Wendy Cromwell for making that happen! #Aiweiwei #Israelmuseum